About Peter Løvschall

Competences within Small business / Early stage start-up. Contact me: +45 20 73 21 00 / pl@solfisk.dk


Experience / Approach / References


Business development

+10 years of experience making strategic plans as well as executing operational tasks according to an in-depth knowledge of the business plan applied.

Knowing the importance of relations between customer segments, value propositions, resources, revenue streams, cost structures etc.

As for IT-startup’s I am always keeping an open mind towards changing business models according to validated consumer feedback.

I can help you optimize your business plan. But if you’re running (or planning on running) a small business, knowledge of your customers/market and a fundamental business hypotheses should be present inhouse.

Co-founder, Head of Marketing

Preview Networks Aps
Co-founder, CTO

Online Marketing


Campaign concepts

+3 years experience working with award-winning international online campaigns for clients such as Danske Bank, Nike and Coca-Cola (Framfab 2000-2003) have given me a solid understanding of concept and design within online marketing concepts.

+8 years as entrepreneur.

My lessons learned from being an entrepreneur:

  • Making the most out of small budgets using various channels and tools.
  • Involving sales department
  • Knowing when to insource and when to outsource.
  • Project management and KPI-reporting.

”Knowing what your target audience want AND giving it to them“ is usually a good recipe to success in online marketing.

PR, Email, Blog, Video, Facebook, various print, Project Management

Copenhagen Carnival 2012
Project management, Webdesign, Outdoor

Online Marketing campaigns, various clients

Email marketing

Blog marketing

Social media marketing

Search Engine Marketing (Off-page)

Public Relations

Working with LeasingBørsen.dk, I managed to implement a very effective news eco-system between newsletter, blog, social media and Public Relations (Web and print media).

The project was implemented with a full-time journalist working actively to increase awareness of our products. The project included weekly reporting to management.

Your message must have value to your audience whether it’s an editor, a newsletter subscriber or a blog reader. Don’t forget that you’re likely to have a unique knowledge about your market. Use it.

Scan the web: Find out who is talking about your industry or products. Don’t be afraid of entering debates and forums. Be helpful and share your knowledge. But always remember: Your messages must add value to your audience.

Blog-entries, forum comments, social media activities etc. should contain back-links to your website as a natural part of off-site Search Engine Optimization.

blog.LeasingBørsen.dk, pressekilp
LeasingBørsen.dk, email campaigns

Video Product Demos

4 product videos produced for LeasingBørsen.dk (Production: Concept, storyboard. Project Management: Animation and speak).

“Why should I use your product? How does it fit into my life?”… are good questions to answer in an online video demo.

My goal is for the user to understand what it is the product does. If you can show your video to a person in your target audience and they can tell you what your product is after watching your video, you’re probably in good shape.


Google Adwords

AdWords kickoff, LeasingBørsen.dk. DKK 30.000 monthly spending.

Experience have made med very humble towards the complexity of mastering Google Analytics. Nevertheless:

  1. It often proves to the best ROI of all online marketing platforms.
  2. It’s easy to monitor the ROI.

Google Adwords is very time consuming and needs continuously tweaking and monitoring.

I can help you setup a test. If it proves useful for your business, I recommend hiring specialists for the job.


Design / Production




Mobile web

Search Engine Optimization (On-page)

+15 years. Various projects and jobs.


  1. Use a well tested CMS system.
  2. Find and customize an existing template.
  3. Add well tested modules off the shelf.

I’ve on-hands experience with Joomla, Concrete5, Blogspot, Google Site and Wix.com but I am open to work with a CMS of your choice.

I usually use responsive templates/css which means a website that works on iPads and smartphones.

Depending on the project, I may use my network of developers – danish as well as offshore providers for advanced web solutions.

I believe that your website should work seamless on web and mobile platforms using responsive css.

Performing a standard on-page Search Engine Optimization of all my website productions are implied. Off-site SEO: See “Online marketing” section.

www.iwe.as (2012)
Design adaptation of template, Project management between SEO agency and developer

Design adaptation of template, CMS, Mobile

www.leasingborsen.dk (2011)
Art Direction, Prototyping, User test

Banner design

More than 12.000 web-banners produced for large international clients (Framfab 2000-2003).

Three years working as a part of an international award-winning team has given me the fundamental skill of knowing, how to serve an effective responsive message in a very limited space.

Furthermore, I have the insights of delivering a complete campaign according to media agency standards.

(Framfab 2000-2003): Danske Bank, Coca-cola, McDonalds, Novo, Lundbeck, various international Nike sites.

Usability Testing

Videorecorded “Think aloud protocols”, LeasingBørsen.dk

User tests can take place anytime within the development cycle using paper prototypes, visual designs/mock-ups, wire frames or live websites.

User test usually test subjects respond in four areas: efficiency, accuracy, recall and emotional response.

From experience, I prefer to work using video recordings of “Think aloud protocols”.

Available on request

Prototyping Stay tuned… Coming soon.
Print design

LeasingBørsen.dk and Copenhagen Carnival (2012) including:

  • Business cards
  • Roll-up banners
  • Outdoor banners
  • Complete exhibitions stands
  • GoCards / Stickers

I work by far best with an already defined Art Direction.

I can help you obtain quotes and project manage the printing process.

Available on request


My personal interest in photography have been useful when working with limited budgets .Also, I have hired various professional photographers when needed.



Email / Document- and Calendar sharing

Time tracking


Team collaboration

Blogs / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube

My experience from start-up’s have given me a toolbox of easy to implement IT-administration tools covering most common usage within small organisations.

Bringing your business to the next level…


2008: Preview Networks
DKK 20M, Sunstone Capital
Role: Co-Founder

2011: LeasingBørsen.dk
DKK 4M, DSI / SEED / Sunstone Capital
Role: Co-Founder

Though never leading the process, I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to pitch a project to a commercial fund.

Also, I have several 1st and 2nd hand experiences with angel investors.

Mark Korsgaard Fenger, LeasingBørsen.dk
Christian Oxholm Zigler, Preview Networks


+15 years in web- and media industry.
+8 years of entrepreneurship

My “open source” approach to my network has provided me with a +500 network of professionals. Many of them have provided me with advice, connections and tips over the years. I pay them all back by helping others whenever I can. My network includes:

  • Lawyers
  • Branding consultants
  • HR- and recruitment consultants
  • Art Directors
  • 3D designers
  • Game developers
  • UX/UI-designers
  • Developers
  • Advisors/Board members
  • Angel Investors


Contact me: +45 20 73 21 00 / pl@solfisk.dk